People Are Sharing The Secrets They Keep From Their SO

Hania Betts

My wife has a beautiful heart. I jokingly call her a Disney princess because any animal that she comes across she has to talk to, and greet. She has cried by seeing a dead raccoon on the side of the road before. At the time, I was working day shift […]

My wife has a beautiful heart. I jokingly call her a Disney princess because any animal that she comes across she has to talk to, and greet. She has cried by seeing a dead raccoon on the side of the road before.

At the time, I was working day shift and she was working a swing shift. I had a busy day, but I saw she sent me some pictures of a young doe that was eating in our front yard. She seemed thrilled. I came home and saw the same deer! Dead. On my god damned porch. I felt like I started to hear “the first 48” theme playing as I realized I have six hours to get rid of this thing before my wife gets home and her world is shattered. I call my local city authorities thinking they wouldn’t want a dead animal in the middle of town. Turns out, they couldn’t care less. I called some local raptor shelters to see if they could take a stat donation but it turns out the dead deer business is booming and they didn’t have a need for donations at this time, especially in the next 6 hours.

Frustrated, I call my dad to vent and get advice on what to do. His response is only a “Hold on bud, I’ll be there in 15 minutes.” I go back inside to take care of the dogs and within the next 15 minutes I see me dad back his huge truck into my back yard, has the tail gait down and is knocking on my door with a pair of nitrile gloves on and another pair in hand for me. It was starting to get dark out, but we had that thing loaded up and found a special place to, uh. “Dispose” is it. We made it back with 20 minutes to spare before my wife got home.

I haven’t told my wife because I think it would either break her heart, or creep her out at how efficiently my dad can dump a body.

Anyway, wifey thinks her deer friend is alive and well, and totally not at the bottom of a ravine.

Eymang Report

My ex-girlfriend had a few too many shots of tequila in a party and passed out on the couch. When I went to check her, I noticed she pissed all over the couch. To avoid embarrassments, I filled up a bucket with water and threw it over her to disguise it as a prank (I’m that kind of boyfriend).

She still has no idea.

lucioalvii Report

Several years ago one of our outside cats went missing, my wife’s favorite. She was pretty upset. I had actually found the cat that morning and discovered what had actually happened to it. The facts and circumstances leading to it’s death would upset her tremendously. She still thinks to this day the cat was taken by a rogue coyote or something when in reality, she had incidentally backed over it in the darkness of morning when leaving for work.

I’ve never been able to bring myself to tell her and never will. I felt awful for her. I even feel awful telling the internet about it now and it’s been years!

[deleted] Report

My boyfriend loves to show me memes/funny posts that he thinks I would find really funny, but I spend more time online than he does, so I’ve usually seen them well before he shows me. Every so often I pretend I haven’t yet seen a post just so he gets the satisfaction of being the first to show me.

OMothmanWhereArtThou Report

The first Christmas after I got together with my partner, he brought me a beautiful opal necklace. He knew it was my favorite stone. I suspect he paid quite a bit. He’s mad proud of the thing and loves to see me wear it. He told me that when he brought it he paid for a slightly smaller opal, and the shop worker accidentally grabbed the wrong one so he got an upgrade to a bigger opal for free! My partner also has a whole thing against fake stones in jewelry, thinks it tacky, horrible dishonest etc. Long story short, what he doesn’t realize is that my beautiful opal IS fake. See I suspect he paid for a real opal. But he probably wasn’t meant to see that *opps* when the shopworker grabbed the bigger one. I suspect they ran a little con on him, charged him for a smaller real one and grabbed the larger fake instead. He thought the accident was in his favor so he never complained. I only know 1) The play of color and size in the opal I have would have cost a small house deposit if it had been real and there is no way he brought that as a uni student when we first go together and 2) A real opal would never have stood up to the wear and tear I have put it though – I literally never take it off, it comes for me on runs, in the salt water, in the shower etc all things that would have destroyed a real opal many years ago. 3) A friend brought a pair of earrings that matched my necklace (not on purpose) and she confirmed that my necklace and her earrings made up the stores imitation opal birthstone set. I love that fu**ing stone. I don’t wear much jewelery, but I haven’t taken that necklace off in three years. I have literally told him that if we get married one day, I’m having the thing pulled off the necklace and set into a ring (thats gonna be an awkward conversation with a jeweler). If I told him he’d probably feel really bad about it and want to get me a replacement. But I love the stupid thing so I won’t tell.

zoO0oe Report

His favorite dip is like 80% mayo. He has a terrible aversion to mayo. His mom has made it when he’s not been around his whole life, and now I continue the charade. (It’s a really good dip.)

meguin Report

The first piece of jewellery I bought my wife was a necklace. We went on holiday and she lost it.

I said I would replace it but it wasn’t the same, she was upset that she’d lost it for sentimental reasons.

I emailed the hotel and of course they hadn’t found it. So I bought a replacement and told my wife they found it.

YuccaYucca Report

I feel really bad about how much money he spends on me (food, gifts, gas money) and he refuses to let me pay him back so sometimes I slip $5 and $10 bills into his wallet, pockets, and dresser drawers for him to “find”. If he gives me his card to go into stores to buy something I use mine instead and don’t tell him. He’d be really really sad if he found out because he loves taking care of me.

Astyyria Report

Few years ago my wife lost her grandfather, was working a sh*tty job, and was developing some of the medical issues we’re currently dealing with. One night I went out to start her car to warm it up before her shift, and found a parking ticket. Pocketed it, paid it, and tossed it without her knowing. She didn’t need that on top of everything else.

sumelar Report

I always watch ahead in Game of Thrones.

They talk during each episode, and I can tolerate it better if I’ve already seen the episode.

Mortuan Report

Not me but my parents. If my mom wants to hide literally anything from my dad, no matter what it is, she just puts it somewhere where he would have to bend over to see it. Doesn’t matter if it’s something like a package of oreos, if my dad has to bend over to find it he’s never going to find it. I’ve tested it with my own snacks when I was still living with them to confirm it works. He’d be mad if he knew how many snacks we’d hidden from him simply because he doesn’t bend over low enough to see it in the cabinet.

gothiclg Report

My wife is a huge animal lover…volunteered at local shelters and such before our kids were born. One night years ago she was leaving work and outside the front door, she found a small bird, probably a sparrow, on the sidewalk. It didn’t run or fly away so she assumed it was hurt. She ran back inside, got a box, and searched online for a bird rescue and found one about 20 to 30 min away. She drove the bird there, dropped it off, and they took her information because they said they would send her a card as a thank you. This was at least 6 or 7 years ago and she still brings it up every so often and remembers that they “never sent that card”.

They did send the card thanking her for bringing the bird in for help. The card also said they euthanized the bird because it had broken bones in its wing, maybe from being hit by a car in the parking lot. I read it and crammed the card deep into the trash because I didn’t want her to get upset that the bird she tried so hard to help had to be euthanized.

Paugh Report

My exSO used to read me chapters from whatever book he was reading at the time. It was usually me that initiated it, mostly because it felt so warm and intimate, but also because I knew he had dyslexia and dysgraphia as a child so it would give him a little boost of confidence. But this also meant he was actually really terrible at reading stories. I’m talking pure monotone, it made any book extremely boring and I would cuddle up next to him so I could see it and read it in my head as he read. But I liked to think the good outweighed the bad, and I never told him!

dennisthehygienist Report

When my girlfriend was pregnant she liked to take baths every night before bedtime. Every now and again, I’d join her and enjoy that relaxing hot water. One day we are both sitting in the tub when she farted a big nasty fart. She and I both laughed and I gave her sh*t for possibly breaking the tub. Then there it was, I notice a few brown things in the water. Turns out she had poo’ed a little. I was so absolutely disgusted that I nearly vomited. I didn’t want to freak out because I know she would feel absolutely terrible and impossibly embarrassed. So I turned the jets on, added some bubbles, and sat there with her for another 10-15 minutes. Afterwards I suggested that we both shower off because I had added too much soap for bubbles. I still think about those poop chunks floating around next to me whenever I take a bath.

letstalktrash Report

My wife once did the joke:

Why did the Chicken cross the road? To get to the idiot’s house. Knock knock. Who’s there? The Chicken.

Over text with me. I “fell for it” because I knew it would make her happy.

She loves talking about how she “got me” and it makes her so happy I can’t bring myself to tell her I was the one who told her the joke in the first place.

kitskill Report

How much it hurt that she did not do anything for my 50th birthday. We are born almost a year apart. This year for her 49th I took her on a cruise and signed her up for a scuba excursion. Which she has always wanted to do. She loved it of course.

Her 50th is next January, I started planning started planning for it since June. I have contacted old friends from high school and family to get a bunch of them to go on a cruise for her 50th. It was going to be a surprise but someone let it slip at Christmas. When she found out I figured she would do something for my 50th since she never does anything for any of my birthdays. Nope, got me a store made cake.

bwp241 Report

How deeply I hate Big Bang Theory. My husband is a MASSIVE fan of the show. From being purely ‘nerd sh*t’ to a poor facsimile of ‘Friends’ he’s been following it from the start. Now with Young Sheldon he’s found another reason to cackle madly along to another terrible laugh track. And I will sit beside him, madly cackling as well, because it just makes him so. Damn. Happy. Sheldon can die in a dumpster fire. But I’ll burn with him before I tell my husband how badly the show sucks

detonatingorange Report

my SO’s first language isn’t english. he always says “really much” instead of “a lot.” i won’t tell him it’s incorrect, i love when he says “i love you really much.”

glossingoverfellatio Report

Several years ago, my husband (BF at the time) worked for a small company owned by a very good friend of ours. I spoke with the friend quite a bit, and he confided in me that my husband was not a good employee, pretty unreliable, and the only reason he hadn’t been fired yet was our friend knew he was having a rough time after his mom died. I had also recently moved out of state to take care of my sick dad. My husband refused to come with me because he felt he couldn’t leave the company.

I was having a conversation one day with my husband and he mentioned another friend of his was having a hard time at this other company but felt he couldn’t leave because he had a baby on the way. He said, “I’d offer him my job if I thought my boss would hire him.”

So I conspired with our friend/the boss to get the other friend to quit his job and pretend he got fired. My husband then decided the only honorable thing to do was fall on his sword and give up his job to give to the other friend. He “talked” with the boss and “convinced” the boss to let him make the move. And it played out like that and my husband moved in with me. He ended up getting a job he liked better and he was happier being with me, so his performance was better.

We are still very good friends with the boss. To this day, we’ve kept the secret and it’s been almost 10 years. And every time I see him, he whispers in my ear how proud he is that my husband was able to move in with me and grow into a much healthier adult. But we’ll never tell him, because he’d be so embarrassed if he knew what our friend thought of him as an employee.

CrazySheltieLady Report

I knew he was going to propose.

The man is so easy to read, he’s my open book! I love that about him, he wears all his emotions on his face. He’ll plan a trip for my birthday months in advance but then be so excited and proud about surprising me that he has to tell me straight away or make me guess where we’re going.

He’s not so cracking at surprises, so he’s always SO proud of himself that he surprised me that one time, and that I had no idea! Except I did, I heard him talking to his grandad about the ring and saw the heart shaped lump in his pocket, plus he’d been talking about marriage all the time thinking he was being sly. I’ll take it to the grave, it honestly makes him so happy and he’d be so disappointed with himself if he thought he’d given it away.

God I love that man

maimypie Report

My girlfriend moved in with me a few months ago and wanted to split the monthly bills. I was already covering all of it so I was ok just continuing that way but she was insistent. She’s also not making too much so instead of telling her the real amount, I told her a lower, but still believable amount to pay. It isn’t much but I feel a little better knowing that she’s saving up a bit more every month than she would’ve otherwise.

Edit: Thank you all for the kind words and the great advice! She’s definitely marriage material, I’m shopping for the ring now (that’s where a good amount of the extra money has been going!). The rest of the money is definitely going towards a down payment.

As for hurt feelings and sharing responsibilities, if she ever found out, she’d understand and appreciate the gesture. She’s in her last year of school with a nice job lined up for afterwards already so we can always revisit finances later. Either way, she’s amazing so I don’t think she’d take it poorly.

RudeMonster7 Report

The remote didn’t disappear. I accidentally put it through the washing machine and destoreyed it and threw it out in a panic.

knnbreakingnews Report

I ALWAYS pee in the shower. Every single time she’s not there with me. I mentioned it once kind of half-joking and she was so disgusted, but I don’t see the harm so I never stopped.

Bauz3 Report

My wife thinks that our beta fish mojito lived for like 5 years. What she doesn’t know is that the role of mojito has been played by 3 separate beta fish over that time. RIP mojito 2 and 3.

WingmanZer0 Report

Sometimes, I really like her singing. But a lot of the time, she’s just straining way out of her range. It can almost sound like she is wailing or shouting. (Those aren’t quite the right words, but I’m not going on the hunt for a thesaurus over this.) And it’s fine. I mean, I can’t really sing for sh*t, so even her bad singing is probably better than mine. But it can be really annoying. Sometimes, she’ll be playing guitar to accompany herself, and she’ll get so into the song she’s singing that she’ll start SLAMMING the strings. I don’t know how else to describe it. She plays really well generally, but when she’s excited, she hits the strings so hard they sound like they’re going to break. That weird clanging music accompanied by the high, LOUD, cracking singing is truly cacophonous. I will never tell her. Not ever. She has so much fun doing it, I’ve decided that’s just worth more than my temporary annoyance. I couldn’t bear to let the wind out of her sails by telling her when she sounds irritating. It’d be a different story if she was performing at open mics or something, but she only plays to entertain herself.

[deleted] Report

My parents don’t approve of my boyfriend any more because they found out he is bi. My bf and my parents used to be very good friends. They don’t even want to see him anymore. I just make excuses all the time. ‘oh they are visiting relatives’ or ‘they are working overtime’. ‘Its so bad they won’t even go into the same room as him. He keeps asking why they never pop round for visits any more.

The truth will hurt him.

IndividualEffort Report

My wife saw a small dog on the side of the highway on the way home from work one night. It had been raining and the poor thing was soaked and she couldn’t catch it. She called me so I came out, got the dog wrapped up in a blanket and got ready to head to the humane society when she discover she dropped her keys somewhere in the grass.

I found the keys about 15 minutes later and we took off to see if this pup were chipped or not. There was no chip unfortunately, no tags and no way of finding ownership. My wife was so concerned about the pup, she insisted that they call and tell us what happens with her.

The next day, I get a call from them. The poor pup was riddled with cancer, which could be why it was abandoned in the first place. They ended up having to put the sweet thing down. I told my wife that they were able to contact the owner and the dog would be going home. It would have broken her heart to know that the last few days of that dogs life was being hungry and wet.

MrReey Report

I actually battle depression and guilt as often as he does, but I force myself to be his cheerleader.

love_one_anotter Report

My SO thinks we’ve done a really great job teaching our dog not to get on the sofa.

In reality, he’s exceptionally well trained to not go on the sofa when she’s home. He jumps off sharpish when he hears her car park up outside.

csimmo91 Report

The song my wife thinks of as “our song” is the same song my ex-wife thought of as “our song”.

G4rve Report

I have about 2000 books and I keep buying them and stashing them when she’s not around.

maddermonk Report

Occasionally I hide bananas then make them reappear when they are brown just so she will make Banana bread.

“Look! You bought these bananas and no one ate them so they’re brown…I’m not about to waste these so why don’t you make some banana bread or something.”

Richard-Hindquarters Report

I took a girlfriend with me on a vacation to Hawaii. First thing we did when we hit the Air BnB was shower off – its a long flight. I’m washing her down and as I was washing her ass I notice she’s left a huge sh*t stain on this washrag. I’m disgusted, but I love her so I clean her up and hide the rag so she doesn’t find out. Later that night, I wake up and do a secret load of laundry so she never knows.

Copious-GTea Report

How much her apartment cleaning service costs.

My best friend growing up, practically my brother, owns a cleaning service. So I get the “owners’ rate” — they clean my house for $60/visit, which is insanely cheap here. When I first met my girlfriend, at some point in conversation it came up that I use a cleaning service, and she joked, “Oh, big shot pays other people to clean his house,” so I told her how, fortunately for me, it’s not really a big expense.

Fast forward a month or so, and she spent like a whole Friday night and Saturday cleaning. We both work a ton during the week so I was like, “I’ll pay for your cleaning service so we have more time to spend together on weekends.” She wouldn’t let me pay for it, but asked me to sign her up with my friend’s service, and she just gives me the $60 (or pays for some common expense in that range). Thing is, I couldn’t get the owners’ rate for her, so it’s really like $150/visit. She loves having a cleaning service, and appreciates having more free time — but she wouldn’t pay $150 for it. I don’t really care about the money, just want her to be happy, so I don’t tell her what it costs.

JamminOnTheOne Report

When I see bugs in the apartment I always tell my wife it was only one bug so she doesn’t get scared. Then I kill the bugs.

theonlydidymus Report

I go to the 24 Fitness every night after she falls asleep.

In my defense, a guy can only lounge around in his sweatpants watching Netflix with his woman so much. I am not quite ready to fade into middle age yet.

laterdude Report

I use that hand towel in the bathroom that I’m not supposed to use and feign ignorance when questioned

sFAMINE Report

One year for Christmas, she was trying to surprise me with something, but I hate surprises. I was out of a job at the time and didn’t want anything extreme because I knew I couldn’t return the favor. I told myself I wouldn’t snoop, just ask a few questions and express that I didn’t want anything big bc poor. She decided to try and casually ask me if I was still interested in a concert for my favorite band, and I immediately knew. Her face gave it away. I knew she got tickets, but it was more. She got us meet and greet tickets, and I found out a few days later after her face kept giving it away. Christmas came and I was right. But I didn’t need to act, I was really happy. It was an amazing gift, and we had an amazing time. She was so proud of herself for pulling it off without telling me. I’ll never tell her I knew, just because she was so happy.

cwe73 Report

My SO got me a beautiful necklace for our one year anniversary! It says love in a hundred languages when you shine a light through it, he was so excited to give it to me and so pleased he’d gotten me such a good, romantic present…

the only problem was that my best friend had been given an identical necklace from her boyfriend on her birthday a week prior. He had no way of knowing and was so happy to get me such a unique gift that my friend and I just co-ordinate so we never wear them at the same time

smolkitten96 Report

My current weight. We are both dieting together and I tend to lose weight much faster than her. I don’t want to discourage her if I’ve lost 2x as much weight in the same amount of time.

RunToImagine Report

SO misuses words — a LOT. I’m a language guy. I get the feeling that that is a soft spot on her that previous partners poked pretty hard, so I just internally cringe and say nothing about it. I usually know what she’s trying to say.

gogozrx Report

Spiders. She hates them with a passion and if I find one crawling around when she isn’t around, I’ll take it outside and never tell her. If one is nearby and she knows, I have to squish them as if they killed my dog.

PotentiallyTrue Report

That I secretly love his dog. The dog came with him, and he came completely untrained and full of bad habits from living with him/his parents. He’d never owned a dog before and had no idea what he was doing with a puppy and I felt the need to step in for my sake and the dog’s sake. That f**khead was a doozy; I’m a lifelong dog owner and I’ve never encountered a dog more difficult to train. He f**kng sh*ts on the floor when he’s upset about something, and he’ll intentionally wait until everyone is asleep to do it or he’ll sneak into a side room. When he was neutered he sh*t on the floor at least twice a day for almost a month. He’s always been super defiant and I had to bend over backwards to make him a decent dog. My SO thinks I hate him, because I spend so much time lamenting how much of an assh*le he is and how hard he was to train. Jokes on him, that good old boy jumps up and spoons with me the instant the SO goes to work.

corgibutt19 Report

He is terrified of bees/wasps. They are all “bees” to him. Completely terrified. Just the word “bee” will get him to start nervously looking around. If he was driving the car and a bee got in the window, I’d be afraid for my safety because there is a solid chance he’d accidentally crash. He is very embarrassed about his fear though, he knows it’s irrational. He can’t seem to help it.

So I have developed a sixth sense about the presence of bees. If we’re outside and I see one buzzing around, I’ll make sure I either stand in his way so he can’t see it, or I’ll make an excuse for him to go inside. I’ve found wasp’s nests in and around our house, and I take them out while he’s at work and then never say a word about it. If a wasp comes around and he sees it, he’ll run away, but then I’ll hunt it down and kill it so when he comes back out, he can have the peace of mind of seeing it’s corpse (from a distance).

He doesn’t know that I’ve been on 24/7 bee patrol for him for the past three years. I’m afraid he’d feel humiliated if he knew, and maybe even get depressed about it. But I don’t mind. They’re just wasps and honeybees, lol.


40% of my company was laid of systematically over a 2 year period. I built up my resume, networked and made sure I had a place to land if sh*t hit the fan. I also worked my ass of at the job to make sure I was the one they kept if they did not go under. ended up staying with company, getting a raise and a promotion and was pretty instrumental in turning the company around. She and the kids have no idea how close we were to losing my job and then subsequently our home. I still remember sobbing in the shower and giving myself a pep talk in the mirror many mornings and saying, “you can do it – just put all the fear out of your mind and be mentally tough.”

[deleted] Report

This Xmas he got me a stuffed animal of my favorite Pokémon- which is really sweet except I already have an exact copy of it on my shelf, since before I met him. Now it just has a friend 🙂

I don’t blame him at all, he’s very allergic to my roommate’s dog & his place is directly between my place and my work so he’s over very rarely.

spirashun Report

All my online purchases go to my work. It’s not that I buy a lot, it’s that I don’t want a kind of Spanish Inquisition over everything I buy.

Arch27 Report

My SO snores. Been with her 19 years and she snores EVERY night.

Mostly I can get to sleep and I sleep through it, but I KNOW I am not getting great sleep. I’ve asked her to see if we can do something about it, even suggested we do didgeridoo lessons together (the breathing technique does wonders for snoring and why not learn a weird instrument?). She’s never really bothered. Her snoring can manifest as sleep apnoea, which besides just not being good, is a contributor to anxiety (which she has) so it’d be good for her too.

So, we’ve recently moved. 2 nights ago the next door neighbours dog was barking in the middle of the night and kept her up for an hour or two. She kept mentioning it all day and kept telling me how tired she was.

I gave some perfunctory sympathy but no more, because secretly it was all I could do to not say ‘Welcome to EVERY NIGHT in my life’.

It’s not a big secret, but yeah.

mypostisbad Report

My GF at the time and I were just starting to date and I was pretty head over heels. She used to drink (a lot) and actually this coupled with the drugs was the reason I left, anyways I digress.

Cut to a late night of drinking, this was one of the first times she was hanging with me and my friends. She got so drunk I had to carry her to my car and up to my house where we were staying for the night. I basically just tossed her on my bed fully clothed and went to bed next to her. Sometime in the wee morning I feel a warm wet sensation on my side. Yup, she in fact pissed my bed in the night. I didn’t have the heart to wake her up or embarrass her so I picked her up put her on the floor, changed my sheets, flipped the mattress, and put her in her PJ’s that she brought. We woke up and I never told her otherwise. I just said we went home and went straight to bed.

Obliviosso Report

Every time before we leave the house I play a game where I try to guess what she’s going to need while we’re out and I grab it (e.g. warm hat and extra set of gloves, a small snack, inhaler, battery pack for phone, etc.)
Sometimes I like to slip it into her bag or purse without her noticing, other times I reveal that I had it all along in a critical moment.

another_throwaway_97 Report

GF locked her keys in her running car with her dog inside when picking up her daughter from daycare. I lied and said I had AAA so it’d be free to get lockout service. In reality I ordered AAA on the spot and paid the extra to have same day service so she didn’t have something else to worry about.

MaybeClassy Report

I threw out the top to the flatware holder in the dishwasher. He would make us put all the forks in individually and I can’t live like that.

I’m a monster.

ThursdayNextian Report

Her cooking is terrible. Bland, tasteless, sometimes not even cooked properly. Actually most times not cooked properly.

I hate it when I mention that I like to cook and am quite good at it, because she gets upset that she can’t “look after her man”.

I’ve tired to make it so that we both make dinner together. At least then I can make sure the food is done properly.

shadowbannedkiwi Report

How much cash I have on me. My husband works and I’m a stay at home mom, so it is rare that I even have any cash, but when I do, I hide it. He gets upset when i spend more than $150ish at the grocery store, but that doesn’t really cover a family of 4, so when I have to get extra food or the kids need something for school, it comes out of my secret stash. To be fair, he would be mad if he found out, but he would also take it and gamble it away on lottery tickets whether it was $5 or $30.

Glitter_is_my_game Report

These shoes? No they’re not new, I’ve had them a while just never wore them

irisT_ Report

I use the “strictly decorative” towell to dry my hands.

Clearly, even though you yell at me when you see me do it, I’m not actually damaging / destroying / “making it nasty”… Otherwise you would have noticed by now after I’ve used it hundreds of times without you knowing.

We’re gonna survive…. It’s okay…

cnfit Report

That as much as I love her and her kids, our lives would be so much easier if she just let her ex have custody. She has a disability and they’re both toddlers. I’m never going to have time to myself between work, tending to her needs, and tending to the kids needs, plus we like a home with pets.

None of it is fair to me, and I know in love both parties should try to give 60% but, I give 90% and I just don’t need that to be 100%. I didn’t make the kids, never wanted kids (honestly still don’t) I just fell in love with their mother, and if I want ber, I have to want them too. They aren’t bad kids, they’re really sweet despite their fathers side of the family… I just dont…want the burden. She thinks her disability is the biggest burden I could possibly face.

It isn’t. Its the easiest part.

Edit: Everyone is being really supportive in this thread and if you’re here to tell me to leave, sorry, no. I love her, I love her kids, I don’t love having 100% responsibility. That doesn’t change anything though.

The point of this comment was not to say I don’t want to be with my partner. It was only to say I wish it could be just us two. It isn’t that way, it never will be that way, and I’m okay with that.

I just wish I met her before him. We’d be flying around the world instead of preparing for a looming custody battle.

AlextheLyonnn Report

I am notoriously difficult to surprise – I ask too many questions and it bothers me when things dont add up.

My husband was so proud of the fact that he kept his proposal a surprise and I didnt expect it. In reality, I texted my best friend the day before with a list of 6 reasons why I suspected he was going to propose to me that weekend. I’m not going to tell him though – the proposal was really sweet and he put so much thought into it.

carpecupcake Report

Some nights I say I can’t sleep, and I tell her I’m gonna go drink some tea and make myself tired. I’m usually barely awake but this gives me a chance to play wind waker without listening to her shoot up towns in red dead 2 (we have two tv’s in the living room, and she NEEDS her volume at f**kin 800%).

LocalError Report

My girlfriend loves for me to tell her stories at bedtime. After the first time I ever told her a story, I asked her how she liked it. She fell asleep during the first few sentences, but didn’t want to hurt my feelings, so she told me she loved it.

Now she brags about how amazing my stories are, and how I’m such a good story teller. Problem is, I’ve only ever told the same 2 beginnings of stories before she’s asleep. Every single time. I don’t think she knows that I know she falls asleep, but after 4 years of telling stories, I’m not sure how to tell her.

snailman4 Report

That one of her biggest passions makes absolutely no sense to me. She’s a jewelry artist, works for an actual jewelry company as a day job, and then makes stuff of her own to sell online (though lately she’s been busy and hasn’t done much of the second, though I’m trying to help her a bit so she can do it more.) And she just loves rocks. She’ll come home with a bag full of rocks, practically jumping, telling me how she got all these for $50, and then go through the whole bag and show me every rock, tell me how this one is a so and so, and you can tell because it’s this color and this hardness and feel how smooth it is and can you see the imperfection here and it just… It all goes way over my head.

And when I say rocks, I mean both actual rocks and gemstones. I’ve seen her get equally excited over a rock in a driveway as she has over some blue crystal she got from an auction. And every now and then I go online and research about these things so that I can talk with her about it, because holycrap her smile when she talks about those rocks she’ssobeautiful. But like, after I close the webpage going “Yeah, I know all about the difference between a ruby and a sapphire now!” (I literally only fucking know those names because of Pokemon), I basically immediately start forgetting stuff. Because… like… they’re rocks? It’s just dirt that hardened and got pressurized at the right way at the right kind of heat, or however they formed.

But on the other hand, it’s completely fine that I always forget stuff about the rocks, because she loves telling me about them, and so far hasn’t seemed bothered that she’s had to tell me twice (or more), just excited that she could tell info.

Aaronnith Report

When I go hiking with my wife I step on bear prints so she doesn’t get nervous and make us turn around. I’ll just be like make sure you are talking in case bears are around! But don’t let her know I’ve seen a bear print*.

amoxichillin875 Report

As much as I try to believe in God, I’m having a really hard time with it and don’t know if I ever actually will. His faith is pretty much unwavering and I just cannot relate at all.

hcass Report

When I was engaged to my now-husband, his mom paid up front for professional teeth whitening and convinced my husband’s dental office staff to tell him he “won” a free teeth whitening the next time he came in for a cleaning.

I thought he would think it was BS and not do it anyway. He got home and was so excited, because “he never wins anything.” It’s been four years and I’ve never had the heart to tell him his mom actually paid for it and he didn’t win anything.

np0st0 Report

The amount of full-ass emotional breakdowns I have. We don’t live together, so this is easy to hide… but I still feel bad because I know he’d want to help me. Then again, he doesn’t need to know that I, a grown woman, regularly cry so hard I’m incapacitated. You know?

I also had an ex that I kept my sexual history from. He was very insecure, and I was more experienced than he was but just let him believe that he and I were on the same level because he would often say “I don’t think I’d be able to handle a person who had had more partners than me.”

Langoustina Report

I’ve been super depressed for a very long time and lately she’s been sinking herself. I know the beginning stages of depression when I see them and I know the importance of reassurance.

She would ask me questions along the lines of “are you feeling better” and I’ll look at her, smile and tell her “This is the best I’ve ever been” just to giver her some comfort and confidence.

It’s been working fantastically but I feel like I’m drowning

VitaminAyee Report

When I do the laundry, I throw away any of my husbands underwear, t shirts or socks with holes in them. True story, I walked into our bedroom one night to find him laying in bed, knees bent & his balls hanging out of a tear in his boxers. I laughed so hard I nearly pissed myself. Ever since then, I toss ‘em on the down low.

kveach Report

I totally forgot about this because I never speak about it!

My fiancee, before we were engaged, was making me a huuuge pillow for Christmas– it was based off an item, a sword-thingy, from my favorite videogame, Transistor, and she’d been working on it for like a month before Christmas. I knew she was working on something, but had no idea what. I also somehow have this crazy knack for ruining her gift surprises, as in, I always somehow see them beforehand. It’s a running joke. Anyways, the pillow.

When I entered her house, to ask her dad for her hand in marriage, I see the damn pillow, right on her couch! Another surprise ruined!

Her dad and I just looked at each other, and without any words swore to never speak of it.

That Christmas, I opened the gift and was “surprised” by the pillow.

Crazy thing is, I actually still got teary-eyed, because it is an impressive thing. It’s beautiful. She is so proud that she kept that secret from me 😉

Two days later I got her with a genuine surprise– engagement– and thus to tradition of me surprising her but her never surprising me continues.

NYCWallCrawlr Report

My boyfriend has ADHD and sometimes he thinks he said something to me, sometimes important, sometimes not,but actually he just said it in his head and doesn’t remember it. Since his ADHD makes him a little unyelding in arguments also, no matter what the argument or debate is about, when he says he has told me something before, every once in a while I say to him “yeah, I must’ve forgot” or “yeah, you did.”, just to keep him from feeling so out of control and upset. Every once in a while I tell him “that never happened though” or “you said it in your head, not out loud”, and that has improved his ability to recognize when he actually says something and when he doesn’t.

It’s a small price to pay for something he has no control over.(he is medicated but does not go to therapy)

JoysticksT Report

My wife planned a surprise 40th birthday party for me. I found out this was in the works because I found the invitation. It had fallen out of a stack of papers in her planner. I moved the planner as I was cleaning up and it slipped out onto the floor. This was 5 months before the party. The day of the party I just played it cool even though I knew what was going to happen. I walked into the room, everyone yelled, “surprise!!!” and I gave the biggest “oh my god I can’t believe it, I’m so surprised!” There were so many times where people accidentally gave it away and I just played dumb. After the party she asked if I knew. “Of course I didn’t know! How could I have known!” Can’t break her heart like that. She put a lot of work into the party and it was amazing!

[DELETED] Report

That just about every year I have to text her brother to remind him it’s her birthday or he won’t even realize and never reach out to her. It upsets her that he forgot again, and I’ll usually let it go until late in the evening, and then shoot him a quick reminder. He’ll call her, she gets so excited he remembered and it means the world to her. It’s not about making him look good, it’s about making her happy.

CPTNBob46 Report

My husband has been buying me a dozen roses for every special occasion since we started dating. Every birthday, our anniversary, Mother’s Day, etc. without fail, he will somehow manage to come home with a dozen red roses. What he doesn’t know is that I do not give two singular shi*ts about bouquets of flowers, especially roses, because they’re expensive and then they just die and rot. I honestly would rather have a potted plant because then at least it would live longer than a week. But he’s the furthest thing from a romantic, and has very little concept of sentimental gestures. So the fact that he drives so far out of his way to the same little floral shop and pays whatever outrageous amount (he’s usually very financially reserved) they charge for already dying flowers is just so out of character for him that I know he is really trying to be sweet. So when he’s “running to the liquor store” on Mother’s Day, and he’s gone for three times longer than he should be, I dig out the dusty vase and I act surprised and I give him a big hug and kiss and act like I am in love with them. Every. Single. Time.

munchinlunchables Report

I had an opioid addiction for 4 years that I successfully hid from my wife. Towards the end it got increasingly difficult, and she noticed I was becoming more and more distant. Finally, July 12 2018 I broke down and told her I had a massive problem, quit my job, went to inpatient treatment for 7 weeks, and have been completely sober since. Although hard, and initially it was like I had punched her in the stomach… it has been amazing for our marriage and we are better and closer today than we’ve ever been… finally telling her was the best decision I’ve ever made and my life is a million times better now than it was then.

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