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As 2019 winds down and New Year’s Even approaches, fashion also begins to turn its eyes upon the new trends of 2020. While preparing for that big night out on New Year’s Eve, consider some of these fashion tips to step out of 2019 and into 2020 in style. 

The trends for 2019 left women more empowered than in previous years with bold colors, sharp lines, and drastic contrasts of patterns. Bright pinks, reds, yellows, and oranges were seen on the runway during 2019 fashion week. The 80s made a comeback with blouses and shoulder pads, crop tops and oversized jackets, and finally long coats to accompany high heels and sleek jeans or pants. 

New Year’s will ring in 2020 with similar attraction to a combination of 70s, 80s and 90s. Experts anticipate that 2020 will bring women more leather, tweed, and coordinating suits. Blazers in either tweed or with stripped patterns are anticipated to make a statement inside and out of the workplace. The 1970s disco collar will make a comeback to accompany matching pant’s suit and jacket combos. 

Hot Pants, and black and red leather will also be two items on the “must-buy” lists. These will either be accompanied with oversized sweaters or blouses following 80s fashion. Finally, the bra is said to become more typical than crop tops themselves in early spring. These will be paired with ankle length jackets that will have crochet patterns on them. To finish these looks, high heels with thick heels instead of thin and little to no jewelry. 

To prepare for that big New Year’s Eve party and going out on the town, gold is the color to keep in mind. Dinnerly offers several different reviews of the top places to go out and enjoy New Years. Knowing where to go will be essential to deciding the perfect outfit. For fancier occasions, long dresses with long sleeves or a crop top paired with a long skirt are most fashionable. Gold with black designs is said to be the color of choice. If the occasion is more semi-formal or non-formal, crop tops paired with sleek pants and high heels are more acceptable. Black is the second-choice color for New Year with a pop of color, usually the crop top itself. 

Many women are choosing to purchase a nice black clutch and a jacket to accompany their overall outfit. While high-fashion stemming from the runway is pushing for ticker heels, polls show that women are preferring the more elegant stiletto high-heel style for party occasions. 

Finally, to top off the style, hair is always to be discussed. The 2020 New Year will bring in more natural and flowing hairstyles with browns, dark blonds, and some natural red colors. Length is not as serious of a consideration as much as natural flowing curls that are either left slightly untidy or pulled back into a loose pony tail low at the base of the head.