Choosing a wig does not have to be a complicated task, it is about discarding the one we do not like or making us feel uncomfortable and defining the style with which we most feel identified.

Of course once we have clear these characteristics about the appearance of the wig we are looking for surely we have the doubt about whether to choose between a wig of natural or synthetic hair piece singapore.

Both types of wigs for men or women have their advantages, in this article we will explain a little the difference between them so that you can choose the most suitable one.

Natural hair and synthetic wigs: main differences and advantages

Natural appearance of the wig

Of course, the feature that highlights a natural hair wig is the aspect that contributes to who wears it. It is very complicated to identify if a person is wearing a wig when it is made of natural hair, even to the touch is almost imperceptible.

Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, do not always offer that natural look, although manufacturers have made great strides in improving this detail.

Nowadays there are synthetic wigs online singapore whose threads are matt color and eliminate that excessive brightness that betrays its use; we must remember that human hair does not have as much brightness, although the natural manes of black color if they have much natural brightness, so in this case it is easier to disguise our wig.

The color of the wig

Synthetic wigs have a wider color chart, while those of natural hair can only be achieved in natural hair colors that already exist, since it is totally natural hair. On the other hand the advantage of natural hair wigs is that they can be dyed, which can not be done at all with synthetic hair.

For blond hair or colo platinum for example, the best option is to use a wig made of synthetic threads, since it is more versatile and requires less care to maintain color.

Changes of look when we wear a wig

People who enjoy the look changes should definitely opt for a natural hair wig. They are more moldable, you can make haircuts to our liking and they can even be dyed, that is, they will not suffer damages if you try to make a radical change.

The opposite happens with a wig of synthetic hair, these can only be made small cuts at the ends to try to get a more natural look or touch up the fringe a little, but you can never do a full haircut, or mold with a hair dryer or iron and it is impossible to dye.

Care and maintenance of wigs

In this case, the synthetic hair buy wig singapore take advantage, since they require less care than a natural hair wig, although in terms of the use of cleaning products both need to use special products, it does not serve to take care of them with a conventional shampoo or conditioner.

A natural hair wig for example, needs to be washed once a week with professional quality products. Being natural hair but not having the nutrients provided by the body, you need a hydration treatment frequently.

The synthetic filaments do not need so much care, although they should be washed with professional products, just wash the wig once every two weeks even if used every day.